Here’s Why it Works.

It is based on 25 years of research and experience.

Our work and research has supported teams and leaders across a wide range of industries and countries to significantly improve performance.  Our research, team tools and processes have been published in over 10 books and used by MBA programs, Masters of Leadership programs, Medical Schools and as handbooks for leaders in organizations such as IBM.

It strengthens the areas most critical to team performance.

Since 1987 we have been answering the question:

“What makes the difference between teams that achieve exceptional results and those that struggle to keep up?”

Through our research and work with teams of all levels of performance, we identified that those who achieve the best results consistently demonstrate a common set of crucial behaviours and practices that average and poor performing teams do not. We have tested and retested these elements over 25 years and have added to them and revised as the world of work changed and teams faced new challenges. It is these team effectiveness elements, that have been proven time and time again to make the biggest difference in performance, that are the foundation of the Team Fitness Tool.

It creates greater engagement and accountability.

In most instances team members have opinions about what needs to change in their team. Few, however, have knowledge of what is required for high performance teamwork. Without this knowledge, even when a team is consciously trying to improve, it is likely that critical aspects that may be blocking team performance will be overlooked. The Team Fitness Tool ensures that team members understand the behaviours and practices that create high performance teamwork, focuses the team’s attention on the areas that will bring the greatest return and creates team and individual accountability for the team’s development.

It is a complete team development system.

The Team Fitness Tool goes far beyond the team assessment and gives you the tools you need to take quick and ongoing action to improve the performance of any number of teams.

It does the work for you.

Team development takes time and resources and as a result many HR professionals and team leaders are unable to support as many teams as they would like and as effectively as they would like. The Team Fitness Tool provides a simple yet powerful process, provides the tools and guidance, and does much of the legwork for you so that you can focus your attention on the team’s real needs without spending time in analysis and instructional design.

Improved team performance is within your reach.

Find out how with a personal demo of the Team Fitness Tool

“This process is so simple and has every tool to facilitate every element for improving team performance.”

This year we are taking three teams through the Team Fitness Process. This process is so simple and has every tool to facilitate every element for improving team performance. So I decided to be the facilitator for all the teams. At this point, each team has focused on improving two team elements and we are still moving forward with the rest of the elements in the next few months. We expect to be done in early 2015. Once the complete process will be done, we will do the Team Fitness Test again to evaluate our progress and improvement. I have no doubt from what I have witnessed up to now that we will have progressed tremendously. The staff is enjoying these sessions and would like to have more to achieve better team performance. I would like to thank you Nicole for your passion and dedication to Improving Team Performance!

Tina Desormiers
Human Resources Notre-Dame Hospital