These videos give you the tools and strategies
we have found to work best through our 25 years of experience.


Ready. Set. LEAD!

Discover how to identify, develop and retain your emerging leaders so that they have the skills and knowledge needed to be exceptional leaders right out of the gate.

Coaching for Busy Leaders

Discover how to have 10 minute coaching conversations and improve your team’s engagement and productivity.

Lead Yourself First

Discover the 3 Success Requirements every leader must implement in order to achieve better results, faster.

5 Steps to a High Performance Team

Find out what it really takes to build happier and stronger teams.

In this video you’ll gain a proven process and practical tools to lead your teams to higher levels of performance. Based on over 25 years of research, we are sharing the tools and strategies we have found to make the biggest difference in building exceptional teams.

Meeting for Results

Get the tools you need to lead more productive meetings.

Based on our best-selling book, On Track: Taking Meetings from Good to Great, this video gives you the tools and strategies you need to ensure your meetings pay off in results. With this video you will learn how to spend less time in meetings and accomplish more.

When Getting Along Together Doesn’t Equal Results

It takes more than positive relationships to create a team that meets or exceeds performance expectations. In fact, being too focused on creating camaraderie and ensuring “smooth sailing” can actually be detrimental to a team’s success. Find out which key factors have been proven to differentiate high performance teams from the rest.

5 Steps to High Performance Teams
For HR Professionals

You will learn:

  • What most teambuilding processes lack.
  • The 5 steps essential to the success of any team development initiative.
  • How to design team development processes that make a difference.
  • How to create greater accountability for team performance.