Discover the practices that will allow your team to thrive.
Even when the going gets tough.

Teams that achieve exceptional results, with ease, demonstrate a core set of practices that have been proven to make all the difference to a team’s ability to perform at its very best. These everyday practices enable teams to THRIVE even in times of stress, increased demands, and high levels of change.

The Team Fitness Test is a 35-question team survey that will quickly assess your team against these proven practices and will allow you to zero-in on your team’s strengths and the specific practices preventing your team from achieving extraordinary results.

Plus, you’ll gain the tools you need to turn assessment into action so that your team can achieve greater results with greater ease.

“Amazing and Easy-to-use!”

“The Team Fitness Test has allowed us to improve the ability of our teams to work together to achieve goals for over 10 years.”

Julie Thorner
President, Mini University

A Few of the Benefits of The Team Fitness Test

  • Get clear on the specific practices that must improve within your team to achieve improved performance and results.
  • Communicate the practices essential to a better everyday experience, a healthier team climate, and improved results.
  • Create greater accountability for performance – both at an individual level and at a team level.
  • Gain “early warning” information to prevent performance slippage.
  • Gain the ability to quickly solve and prevent common team issues that derail productivity and performance.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your team’s needs and their view of team strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • Strengthen your team’s ability to THRIVE during times of change, uncertainty, and increased demands.
  • Gain a simple process to move your team from average to exceptional.

The 7 Elements of an Exceptional Team

Teams that consistently thrive with ease demonstrate a core set of practices that fall within each of these 7 Elements.  Each element is measured by 5 practices of an exceptional team. The entire team assessment includes 35 practices that differentiate exceptional teams from the rest and takes no more than 10 minutes to complete.


Your team can thrive more and struggle less.

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