Everything you need to enable sustained improvement in team performance. At your fingertips.


Powerful Team Assessment

Assess any number of teams against the factors most critical to their effectiveness.


Clear and Actionable Results

Quickly identify team strengths and barriers to exceptional performance.


Team Solutions

Take action with a suite of team development modules that meet each team’s needs.

Here’s How it Works


1. Take The Team Fitness Test

Identify the REAL factors impacting your team’s effectiveness

Assess your teams against the behaviors and practices most critical to team performance with the Team Fitness Test and quickly identify their strengths and key barriers to exceptional performance. This 35 question team assessment has been used by organizations around the world for over 25 years to successfully change how people work together for the better.

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2. Review and Share Actionable Results

Say goodbye to overwhelming assessment data

With meaningful and easy to understand team assessment results you and your teams will have the information you need to take action to improve performance. And with your Team Fitness account you can easily manage the development of any number of teams and track and compare team effectiveness over time and across your organization.

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3. Take Action with Team Tools

Get beyond “NOW WHAT???” with targeted team solutions.

With custom team solutions that address each team’s specific needs, you and your teams can take action right away to improve their effectiveness. Plus with the Team Fitness process you will create team accountability for continuing to improve and sustain the team’s effectiveness. And if you are an HR professional you can stop spending countless hours designing team development workshops – the Team Fitness Tool does it for you!

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With your Team Fitness account you have access to the Team Fitness Test and Team Tools for at least 1 year giving you the ability to lead your teams through an ongoing team performance process for maximum results.

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“Amazing and Easy-to-use!”

“The Team Fitness Tool has allowed us to improve the ability of our teams to work together to achieve goals for over 10 years.”

Julie Thorner
President, Mini University

Team development can be easier.

“You really have an incredible tool here!”

I’m now looking at the activities assigned to our team, and I have to tell you how excited I am by them! I’m going around my office telling my team about them, because I have to share my excitement. I think the activities themselves are great. The facilitator guides are what blow me away… the step by step how to, the tips, the theory, the insight as to why certain steps in the activity are of benefit, etc…. I could go on and on. This sort of stuff has taken me years to understand, realize, integrate into my facilitation skills, so to have it all in one place is absolutely amazing. You really have an incredible tool here!

Michelle Addisson
Director, Health Professions & Collaborative Practice
Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre

Stop Team Building.  Start Performing.

  • Enable sustained and ongoing improvement in team performance.
  • Improve engagement, morale and productivity.
  • Strengthen accountability for results.
  • Build cohesion, communication, trust and respect.
  • Create a healthy and performance based culture.
  • Support more teams faster, and more effectively.
  • Launch needs-based team development processes. Instantly.
  • Say goodbye to instructional design.
  • Save up to 40 hours of development time per team.
  • Track and compare team performance across your organization.